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No matter what size you require, SCI Manufacturing has the ability to produce it - both in short runs and in large quantities. Our experience includes shots less than an ounce or as large as ten pounds.

Secondary Operations

SCI Manufacturing can provide a full range of secondary operations, Including; machining, tapping, plating, sanding, polishing/buffing, vibratory deburring, degating, tumbling, blast cleaning and assembly. Surface finishing requirements can be provided in-house or by SCI Manufacturing's extensive network of dependable and economical outside sources.

Quality Control

The quality control department with the necessary equipment and gauges to measure all size castings at SCI Manufacturing is responsible for the total quality system, from raw materials to shipping the finished products. Statistical Process Control is designed to provide quality parts for customer satisfaction with the highest degree of confidence. We must be satisfied with a casting or we will not ship it.



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